Storage Tips

Moving into a storage unit can be stressful. You want to get as much into your unit as possible, and make sure it’s in the same condition when you return as when you left. The most common questions we get at U-Stow-N-Lock are how to safely store items. In general, you want to keep your items clean, organized, and protected.

Our indoor storage recommendations

Plan ahead:
Pack the rear of the unit with items you will not need immediate access to. You may want to create a center aisle in order to access everything in the unit. Be sure to store items you’ll need most often at the front of the unit.

Utilize the height of the unit:
Most of our units are 10 feet high. Stacking totes and boxes is a quick and easy way to save on space. Some of our customers store larger items like couches end-up - just make sure you switch sides every few weeks to avoid imprints.

Place items like dressers, tables, and desks top-to-top to save space, and use protective covers and treat wood surfaces prior to storing them.

Use pallets:
We offer free wood pallets to all of our customers. Pallets allow air to flow beneath and around your items, preventing moisture build-up. Pallets are a simple fix for keeping boxes and furniture clean and off the ground.

Keep your furniture off the walls:
Resisting the urge to places mattresses against the walls of your unit. Instead, cover them and store them flat on level surfaces. The walls of your unit are the most likely place to trap condensation. This same rule applies for placing upholstered items in your unit. Always leave a small space between the walls of the unit and your stored items to allow for ventilation.

Wrap mattresses and upholstered items:
Wrapping your furniture in old sheets or towels, followed by shrink wrap or plastic, is an inexpensive way to prevent moisture buildup, and keeps upholstered items clean.

Clean appliances before storing:
Clean and dry all appliances before storing. Wedge the door of any appliance open so air can circulate inside in order to prevent mold and mildew.

Drain the gasoline:
If storing any gas-powered equipment, ie. lawn-mowers, weed-whackers, etc.., drain the gasoline before placing it in the unit to prevent unpleasant odors. Never store hazardous or combustible materials.

Store only non-perishable items:
Non-perishable items, such as canned foods, are acceptable to store. However, perishable foods, including cereals and dried fruits, attract rodents. All of our units include free rodent poison as a preventative measure. Feel free at any point to ask for more.

Happy Storing,